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Most guys have wives. This site is for those particular wives who enjoy taking a walk on the wild side and cheat on their husbands with other men and don’t even mind being filmed doing it. It’s I Have a Wife, and you will definitely hope your wife doesn’t show up on here unless you want to be a laughing stock of your friends!
Rocco arrives home after a long, hard day at the office and what does he find? Not what, but who — his assistant Madison Fox, sitting on his couch. He’s a little surprised — disturbed is more like it — that she made a copy of his keys in case he ever “locked himself out,” and that she’s fielding texts from his wife, who happens to be at the gym. Madison says she wants to go above and beyond her office duties and take them into Rocco’s home — and his pants, where she finds his big cock ready and waiting for her wet mouth and pussy!
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